Our host & resting horse

Batteries went down while other half of host was busy inside. Darn it!
Some stood around, some sat around, others climbed trees
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Brothers and Sisters

Who's paying attention lol
These are only the pictures I took. There are better one I hope to get copies of
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More were there

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The geather at Tim & Rhonda's

I made some effort to group
I have the originals from the collages, single pic's should you want copies
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Laid back after Sunday get together

Weather turned beautiful
I got a sun burn Sunday
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More came visiting

Some came to help out
Some came in big trucks
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Some came visiting

I don't have pictures of several that came
Some people didn't bring enough batteries
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No fast food here

Don't tilt the table
Got to have a little smoke to make it taste right
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Our (summer) tent, Comforts of home

Set tent on pavement, no level ground. Air matress deflated, joy joy! Posted by Picasa

Wind shifted, changed tarp, Frost 2 nights

Family donated firewood for our camp site
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Had to use a tarp to control wind

Finally got the tent up
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